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Black and Red Ball

Published: Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 19:01


Rob Elmer | Freelancer


Rob Elmer | Freelancer


Rob Elmer | Freelancer

The Pacific room at the Werner University Center (WUC) was filled with the colors black and red on the night of Jan. 22, 2012, for the Black and Red Ball.


The Black and Red Ball is an annual dance hosted by Western's  Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer  (GLBTQ) Community and the Triangle Alliance. It was co-sponsored by the Multicultural Student Union (MSU). The event was colorful. The GLBTQ flag combines all the colors of the rainbow to represent people of different sexual orientations.


This event also featured the Drag Show preview performed by the Drag Show dancers. There was a good number of student participation. Participants seemed to enjoy the event to the fullest.

 "This was one of the best dance events I have been on to campus," said freshman Rachel Chandler. Chandler further continues, "events and activities like these make you want to stay back on campus rather than going home during the weekends. I like the music and the amount of people who have gathered here, I brought my friend along with me," said Chandler.


There was a $2 admission fee, with 50 percent of the proceeds going to Cascade AIDS project in Portland, Ore.  Triangle Alliance was also accepting donations for the Cascade Aids Project at the dance. Further information about Cascade AIDS project can be found at


"I am very happy with the student turnout; we did a fair amount of advertisement for this event and people responded to it," said activities director of Triangle Alliance Mitzi Guzman. She continues, "This event could not have been this successful without the hard work of Triangle Alliance and Multicultural Student Union, and I would like to thank all the participants and volunteers for helping us with this event."


Clubs like LGBTQ, Triangle Alliance and MSU are actively promoting diversity on campus. They are also organizing various events and parties like PJ party, Black and Red Ball to promote diversity and create awareness about people of different sexual orientations on campus.


The combined statement from all the organizing clubs says: "Western Oregon University has always been positive towards promoting diversity on campus. Various clubs and organizations have played a vital role in making this college a diverse studying environment. Getting involved in all these activities on campus is providing student a platform to broaden their perspective towards different groups of people.


"Students come from different culture, ethnicity, race, religion, country etc. They might have a different point of view towards LGBTQ communities and participating in the clubs like Triangle Alliance provides them with the knowledge and information about how to become an ally, share the idea, and promote the knowledge in global platform."


Getting involved in activities and participating in events like Black and Red Ball not only helps the students to have fun, but also broadens their perspective towards different groups of people and opens up an opportunity to make friends from a different race, culture, ethnicity or sexual orientation.  

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