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Greek life? How about get a life?

Published: Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 17:04

Western is quite possibly one my favorite places in the entire world. It is pure, simple, and intimate; a dying breed when it comes to colleges in the United States. It would be a tragedy to see this school fall victim to the commercialism of Greek life.

I can just see it now: intramural beer pong teams, pimp and hoe day will become a local holiday, and a wall of fame for the walk of shame will shine proudly in the Werner Center. At least the Monmouth Police will finally have a purpose in this town.

But all silly (although generally accurate) stereotypes aside, I personally do not believe that Greek life is a healthy addition to campus. When I say healthy, I am not referring to beer guts, alcohol poisoning or liver damage; I am talking about mental health.

Being a college student is hard enough on the psyche without adding the unnecessary pressure to be aesthetically pleasing. I mean,  as much fun as dying my hair bleach blonde and rolling around in Dorito powder sounds, I think I will pass. It is not healthy for girls or boys to feel  that they have to surpass impossible standards to be accepted in society.

Being part of a sorority or fraternity changes how people treat each other, now and in the future. Greek systems teach young impressionable 18-year-olds that their self worth is based solely on the color of their hair, the tags on their clothing, or by how much they weigh.

This is not an accurate portrayal of the real world. To some extent (as much as we all hate to admit it), first impressions are based on how you look, but the real test is what comes out of your mouth. Is it educated, or do you sound like you have spent the last four years studying the importance of faux fur panties?

If Western instates Greek life, what are we doing to the generations that follow us? Are we dooming them to a life of petty judgments and arrogant behavior? These are the people who are going to rule our world someday; do we really want to create that shallow of a class? I certainly do not want to have anything to do with it.

Media has shed an interesting light on Greek life. It has both glorified it and made us pity those involved, but either way you look at it, fraternities and sororities are without a doubt overrated societal rituals that have no true advantages.

Some might argue that Western will only be allowing academic and cultural sororities and fraternities, but let’s be honest: any 18-year-old surrounded by other 18-year-olds can make a drinking game out of anything.

But let’s look at it from a different point of view: Western has and always been about the blending of cultures. We are the melting pot school; it is what makes us unique in a sense. If you give one group of people a sorority or fraternity, that is a man-made divide between cultures, between people. We are no longer mixing cultures, but segregating them.

I have been going to Western for three years now, and I have never once felt the need to join a clique or be a part of a group to fit in, because there are none, and that is what is so beautiful about this school. I believe that to create sororities and fraternities here is to smother what is so wonderful about Western.

I would hate to see Western become unrecognizable and superficial. If it is not broken, do not fix it.


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Fri Dec 7 2012 02:41
I bet you voted for obama too didn't you? Must suck to be a brainwashed liberal. Geed.
Fri Dec 7 2012 02:38
I'm sorry you hate life, never have fun, and have no friends. It sucks to suck. Geed.
Sun Oct 14 2012 01:22
I just came across this article, and I think the person writing it really needs to check their facts before they start writing such negative things about the greek system. As a proud greek member, someone who works actively with greek collegians currently, and a graduate of Western Oregon, I seriously hope that people read this article and take it for what it is... the opinion of someone influenced by the media with no real experience of greek life. Want some facts about greek life? Here are facts... greeks contribute over 10 million hours of community service to local organizations annually. Over 70% of students in greek organizations will graduate college, compared to about 50% of their peers. Greek organizations are culturally diverse and excepting of those they admit. Yes, they have standards that they are required to meet, but "the color of their hair, the tags on their clothing, or how much they weigh" are not on that list. They want members of character, who are leaders in their community, and strive for academic excellence. So, Alexa, I encourage you to get your facts straight and talk to some of the greek leaders at other campuses before you pass judgement. You will probably be surprised by what you learn.
Mon Jul 2 2012 23:06
I'm in Greek Life, have a 4.0 and am on track to go to grad school next fall. My sorority has done nothing but help me become a better person, get me involved in my school and meet people that will be my friends for life. All of these "horrible" things that you speak of are most likely already going on at WOU with or without the Greek system there. It is shameful that you would think every single person who is a part of that wonderful system you call terrible is like that. Greek life is for the college students who want to do more for their school and for each other, and if you honestly think that all of that partying and "glorification of college" ISN'T going on around you then you need to get out more. Its not about paying for friends, and it's not about wanting to fit in, because the Greek system is designed for students who stand out academically and socially. There are academic guidelines we must meet, and we must all do a certain amount of community service hours for our school and the community. Please check your facts before you talk about something you have absolutely no idea what your talking about.
Fri Jun 8 2012 01:00
You can't hate on the Greek system. All of what you said already occurs at WOU. Your entire argument is based on stereotypes and preconceived prejudice. The Greek system is great at OSU and UO. There are pros and cons to bringing the Greek system to WOU but there is more to Fraternities and Sororities than just partying. All Greek institutions have historic traditions and can be a great part of a university student's life. Cliques will form any where and it is up to the individual to change their situation. If a kid is going to be socially awkward...they will be socially awkward. We cannot baby out students. GO GREEK LIFE!

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